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On this episode, we discuss how you can make your practice more profitable by taking care of an underserved population and feel great about doing it. To help us do that, we have veteran clients of Four Quadrants, Dr. Mike and Rebekah Glasmeier.

The Glasmeiers have two flourishing dental practices in the Nashville, Tennessee area; they also have three children, two of whom were diagnosed with Autism. They have turned the proverbial lemons into lemonade and by doing so have thrived in a very crowded dental market. Listen in and find out how they did it and hopefully, you will become inspired and follow their love of special needs dentistry by helping those who otherwise would have nowhere to turn for qualified and quality dental care.

Some of the questions we ask them:

What are some misunderstandings that people may have about raising kids with autism?
When did the lightbulb go off to make your practice a special needs friendly practice? 
How long did it take to go from concept to reality?
What are the different needs for a patient with autism as opposed to a patient who doesn’t?
What are some of the extra cost involved?
Has it been profitable?
What would you tell a dentist out there if they are considering making their practice special needs friendly?

The Glasmeier’s website

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