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Welcome to the twelfth episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! Listen to Dr. Ashley Joves’ story as she talks about how much better she feels now that her insurance system is in place. This week’s episode is life-changing, and perfect for anyone thinking about starting their own dental practice. Tune in and listen carefully, because you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!


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Time-Stamped Show Notes
1:20 Last Saturday was the VIP party.

2:00 Delta Insurance finally gave the green light to be included in their network.

3:43 The new receptionist started on Tuesday and she’s amazing.

7:00 How did Ashley get email addresses for the VIP list?

10:40 Why Ashley hasn’t called anybody from her Intel company picnic list.

14:26 Studio 88 has made the website absolutely beautiful. Check it out at Smile and Co.

17:00 Why Ashley’s hubby is the most supportive person she’s ever met.

17:45 Why Studio 88 is so amazing.

19:25 Why she hates having to call businesses to make appointments and reservations.

20:01 Why she uses Local Med online scheduling platform.

25:28 What are the cons of online scheduling?

28:36 What’s going on with the construction on her building?

29:55 Scannable has been a life-saver for faxing.

30:16 What was her biggest concern this week?

31:05 What should she have dug more into?

31:50 Why consultants are not lying about how long it takes to be included in an insurance network.

33:00 Why Ashley is no good at writing procedural manuals.

34:52 Why she feels she needs to entertain the sales people that come to her business.

40:58 Why she forwards all reviews to her team members.

41:30 She suggests taking a moment to meditate and being grateful for the experience.

42:00 Ashley was a guest on Start Your Dental Practice podcast by Jonathan VanHorn.

42:09 What has been her biggest resource? Joshua Austin, who had an amazing presentation about reputation on social media.

43:14 How to get more Google reviews.

44:25 Why being a good public speaker makes you a better leader.

46:34 The grand opening is next Friday and Michael will be there podcasting for listeners of the show.

48:25 Closing.


3 Main Ideas
1. Have Integrators in Your Business
Ashley talks about her personality and how she’s always thinking about the next big thing with her business and marketing. But running daily operations and following protocols are a pain point for Ashley.

Most entrepreneurs are visionary people, and that makes it difficult to do day-to-day business and get things done. If you are a visionary person, aim to hire integrators who will be excellent at taking care of daily tasks.


2. Just Say No
Michael and Ashley discuss how hard it is to say no. This week, Ashley noticed that she had a hard time saying no to salespeople that wanted to take up her time. She later realized that by entertaining the salesperson and not telling him to come back later, she was taking time away from her family.

Permitting others to steal your time may mean disappointing the people you care about, or not being able to do what you want to do in life. It’s your day and no one else’s, so it’s up to you to take back your time by just saying no.


3. Ride the Waves
Ashley admits she was down and stressed out last week, but many people Facebooked her and told her to keep her head up.

She explains, “When I say ‘ride the waves’, there’s definitely going to be highs and lows, and you just have to keep your head up and look at the horizon. Because it does get better.”

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