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Welcome to the ninth episode of The Making of SMILE & CO.! Listen to Dr. Ashley Joves’ story as she reveals two surprising things that happened this week. Samantha Leonard from Stream Dental Staffing Solutions is on the show as a special guest to make it extra fun, informative, and helpful. This episode is packed with interesting information and perfect for anyone thinking about starting their own dental practice. Tune in and listen carefully, because you won’t want to miss this week’s episode!


Sponsor of the Show
Stream Dental Staffing Solutions is The Making of SMILE & CO.’s new sponsor! They provide human resource services that will help you create a strategy, and find the best employees for your practice. They also help write policy manuals and employee handbooks. Use special discount code TDM25 to get 25% off their store!

Time-Stamped Show Notes
0:00 Information about Stream Dental Staffing Solutions, the sponsor, is offering all listeners of the show a free dental HR checkup. It can completely change your dental business.

3:03 Ashley feels the pressure of having the grand opening coming up so fast.

4:03 What she thinks she could have spent less time on. Social media is consuming and takes time.

5:02 Why the Panda Planner is life-changing.

7:14 How meeting with the CPA whipped Ashley into shape this week.

9:50 Ashley shocks everyone by saying that she already has patients booked!

11:42 Why Ashley likes Clips App to create cool square videos and upload captions.

13:35 Ashley admits she hasn’t touched base with her new patients because she’s been so busy.

14:58 Why social media is best done in-house.

15:31 Ashley just hired 2.5 more people, contrary to what she had planned to do.

17:09 How did Samantha find great people for Ashley?

21:00 Samantha and Tatyana get a funny response from one candidate while they’re phone-interviewing Smile and Co.’s applicants.

22:00 Samantha gives away one secret to finding great people.

23:07 What are the personality types of the newest people she’d hired?

24:18 Ashley and her office will be on television for National Tooth Fairy Day!

31:45 Meeting with designer Tammy Teal has been a dream come true.

33:19 How much does an interior designer cost?

35:05 Ashley’s landscaping is complete, and she loves the hard-working crew.

36:41 Why Ashley’s health has been in trouble.

38:26 Ashley reveals what she learned this week: Have faith in the process.

40:25 Ashley needs to get worker’s comp insurance, through State Farm.

41:55 Why Heidi Mount, the dental coach, is amazing.

44:04 Main lesson this week: Stream Dental has been an incredible resource.

45:25 Help-a-Dentist. What are you using for your in-house membership plans and payroll services?

47:00 What would Ashley have done without Stream Dental? Go to Stream Dental and sign up for a free 30-min assessment with no obligations involved. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, and their educational, human resource blog.

48:56 Closing


3 Main Ideas

1. Finding Great People
Samantha conducts deep analysis to find the right people for Smile and Co. She finds out details like how she wants to grow her practice and where she intends to be in 10 years by having each client go through an in-depth Recruitment Consultation.

Finding great people to add to your practice is hard, but Samantha suggests developing your network and trying different avenues to get the right people hired.

“Ashley is really developing a different type of experience when someone goes into her dental office. So, I want to have somebody who has that same mindset [and] same philosophy–someone who’s going to go above and beyond for her patients and that’s going to help grow her practice.”


2. Trust the Process
Ashley and Samantha recommend trusting that everything will work out. Opening a new business can be daunting when you think about eve…

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