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Ever wondered how you can start targeting patients who want implants? Well, in episode 11 Paola and I speak with Elijah who is co-owner of Driven Dental Marketing and he tells us exactly how his company makes it work!


This is such great episode, also sorry if I sound a little tired here, had to be up at 4am to record at 5am (: but it’s all good! Listen in as we discuss how Paola’s marketing campaigns are currently working right now.


Also, we talk about Dr. Taurn Agarwal’s course that Paola went to take! Why was this course different than the many she has attended and what stood out to her!


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3 Main Ideas

How you MUST continue to learn and enjoy the process!


Surround yourself with people who are insanely positive but also crucially real.


How to get more implant cases in your practice!


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