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Hey Dental Marketer Tribe (that’s you… don’t worry that means your family!) In this episode I noticed I got a liiiiiittle carried away explaining to you about my Instagram and why you should follow it, my apologies. BUT I do end up sharing valuable information (as I always try to do) on how to bring in more referrals. YOU NEED A SYSTEM! So in this Monday morning marketing episode I tell you a system that I have used countless of times with my clients and it has worked wonders! I also answer a question from one of our wonderful listeners (who asked a question on Instagram).


Don’t forget! If you have anything to say (questions, concerns, or just want to say hi) leave me a voicemail PLEASE! Would absolutely love to hear you! With that being said I hope you enjoy this episode and I am going to leave you this Monday with this thought:

You were given this mountain to show others… that it can be moved.

BOOM! I know that’s beautiful.. take care and I’ll look forward to hearing your voicemail (:

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