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Whatsup everyone!


So this is a little bit of a different Monday Morning Marketing episode but that’s because there is a good message and reason for it!


So I read a blog post that came to me through a newsletter that I signed up for through a service I no linger use (phew that was a mouthful) but the article really helped me to understand a lot of things that we are experiencing.and seeing today!


Some of us are stricken with the “Perfectionist Syndrome” meaning things MUST go and be perfect! This is not only killing us slowly (literally) but it is also killing our productivity, our work, our team, and we could be reaching for the impossible always! Instead strive for being better, strive for upgrades and difference.


Listen to this episode to understand more on how to have you and your team more productive, less anxious, and also how you can start getting things NOW!


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