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Ok, so first… let’s see why you want to do an Open House… or actually better yet, let’s understand what an “Open House” is.


An “Open House”, according to the Cambridge Dictionary is “a day when an organization… allows members of the public to go in and see what happens there”.


There is also another definition that states: “a party at which visitors are welcomed in your home”.


So, now that we understand exactly what an Open House is … you must have a reason for doing this Open House in your dental office. A good way to know “why am I having an Open House” is to pick which definition you like best or which definition you want the community to correlate your practice with.


Now I know… you’re probably thinking to yourself… “what I really want from this Open House is for the community to know and see me and…. get more new patients”! No worries… we will get to that very soon!



Definition 1: A day when an organization… allows members of the public to go in and see what happens there.


With this definition, you are more likely going to be “showing off” your beautiful office. Letting the community know all of the technology you have in your practice, letting the community see your multiple payment options, the latest procedures you have learned, and the cutting-edge look and feel that your dental office manifests. With definition one, the community or people attending the Open House should say to themselves “wow, I’ve never seen an office like this, it’s remarkable and has the latest and greatest…..” OR they may something like “Whoa! Who made this office Steve Jobs?!?!” (yeah… we’ve heard this before).


Definition 2:  A party at which visitors are welcomed in your home.


Definition 2, personally, is my favorite. If I had an office and I was throwing an Open House, I would strive for this definition. Here you will be inviting people to party (throws confetti), you will be inviting people to get to know you and the team, to feel the atmosphere and culture of your practice, and to enjoy themselves… this Open House definition should do more than just dentistry… it should leave the people who attended saying to themselves “wow, how awesome would it be if they were my dentist”? The people attending should leave with a remarkable experience.


So decide which Open House Definition you will pick and keep reading… go ahead…. I’ll wait…. Or you know what?! You can pick both, no one said you can only throw one Open House anyways!



Once you decided which Open House you want to do first, it is important to stick to that theme.


For example, let’s say you pick Open House 1, if you really want to show the community the latest and greatest technology your practice has to offer them… make sure you show them the BENEFITS not the features. People want to know how can this technology benefit their lives, they don’t care about how much the piece of technology cost, the gadgets and the types of lasers the piece of technology has. The same goes with the latest procedures/ techniques that you have learned… how will this benefit the people who attend the Open House and how will it awethem and leave them wanting more!


So now, that we have that down and you picked which of the two Open Houses you want to do, it’s time to pick the elements you will need. We will also discuss what each element will do for you. Basically, I call the perks, giveaways, and freebies ELEMENTSbecause…. It just sounds cooler.


I will list the Elements you will need according to the Open House you decided to go with.

Open House Definition 1
Ok, really quick, if you pick Open House Definition 1, then you must have high end/ semi-high- end elements to hand-out and use. This even includes the food!

Below is a list of elements you will need for Open House Definition 1:


Hygiene Kits

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