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Episode 97 is here! This is another great and wonderful interview done from Voice of Dentistry. I have the awesome privilege of interviewing the the founders of the Student Entrepreneurs in Dentistry Podcast… Christian Hart & Michael Touloupas! *confetti falls * .. These young gentlemen are in their third going into fourth year of dental school and we get into their minds and see how they view dentistry.


We talk about what they are preoccupied about when they graduate and enter the world of dental practice ownership and associateship. We also talk about what’s changing in dental school and what they like and dislike about dentistry and what they plan to do differently in this field that is far too common.


We also discuss their biggest motivators, the best advice to date that they have received, what advice they would give to dental students, and what they are confident about once they graduate! So grab some munchies and tune into episode 97!




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