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We are at episode 86 and ohhhhhh boy is this episode one EVERY SINGLE ENTREPRENEUR should listen to! Especially, dentist who own their own practice OR if you are looking to own one in the near future. I pick the magnificent brain of Dr. Gregg May, and he is the definition of hustle, grit, and never giving up! Even when it feels like the universe is telling you to! I mean it , this guy has the experience you need to start a dental practice.


In this episode we learn how to overcome MANY… SO MANY… obstacles that you will face when starting a dental practice. Now granted, once you hear what Gregg went through, you probably won’t go through all of it or maybe any of it, but we learn Gregg’s tactics in how he overcame these obstacles (freakishly huge obstacles).


We also talk about one the absolute best ways to market your dental office. If you know me then you’ve probably guessed it! And Gregg mentions one of the worst things he has ever done to market his dental practice and why he recommends you do HEAVY research before you pull the trigger on this marketing tactic. 




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