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You are listening to episode 74 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this episode I speak with our wonderful guest Dr. Amanda Wilson. We discuss various topics and most of the topics are orthodox related, which makes sense because she has been doing ortho for over 10 years. We discuss the importance of really taking your time when it comes to new patients exams or recalls and seeing where the patient’s dental health needs help. A lot of the times, the patient does not really think about malocclusion or misaligned teeth OR maybe the patient has always thought about the symptoms of malocclusion and misaligned teeth but never spoke about it or the patient really never thought about it in depth…. well we discuss how you can bring that up!


We also discuss the next wave in dentistry and what you should be doing to not be left behind! We know healthcare is changing and evolving, so we need to either stay ahead of it or align ourselves next to it… because if not we will get left behind! I like how in this episode we talk about how you can  attract the right patients by accepting ortho or doing more orthodox in your office, and we discuss how you can show case this and market it to the community that way you can start attracting the right patients!



Dr. Amanda Wilson is a Orthodontist, Dental Consultant and Dental Advisor by profession. After many requests from previous clients over the years, she created StraightSmile Solutions® as an orthodontic consulting company that directly services Dentists and their unique needs. It offers boutique, concierge-style coaching directly from an Orthodontist to a  Dentist without requiring any kind of long term commitment or contract. Designed to deliver convenience to clients, she hopes to make a positive change in the dental industry with my innovative service platform and content.


She obtained her education from UCSF Dental School and the University of Connecticut Orthodontic Residency. Subsequently, for more than 10 years, she was a clinical orthodontist. Dr. Wilson loves to teach and mentor, so eventually this progressed to the development of her passion to become a coach and consultant. Realizing there was a significant lack of orthodontic coaching companies, that offered doctor-to-doctor consultancy directly to General Dentists, she became passionate about filling this space.



Dr. Amanda Wilson’s Links:

Straight Smile Solutions Website

YouTube Video of Dr.Amanda Wilson’s Webinar





INSTAGRAM (you can talk to me more 1 on 1 here)

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