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Dr. Femi is in the house! Have you ever wanted to know how a dentist, who has a REALLY great case acceptance rate, determines whether a patient will accept treatment or possibly not? Dr. Femi tells us all! He lets us know exactly how he does his initial exams, from the moment the patient walks in up until the patient is ready to figure out payment! This is such a great episode and Dr. Femi is such a wonderful and humble person. His practice is about 3 months old now, so tune in to see how he is doing so far, what some of his pitfalls have been, and what he is doing currently to bring in 30+ new patients per month.


Host: Michael Arias

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In this episode we talk with the one and only:

Guest: Dr. Femi Fadahunsi

Practice Name: Wylie Dentistry Co. (Wylie, TX)

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram 


Key Points to look out for:

How we’re capable of more than we think we are, but you don’t know it until you push yourselves.
If you don’t have a happy staff you cant expect them to make a happy patient. You need to make sure your staff feels happy, encouraged, and intelligent.
Making Phone Scripts with your personality.
How Femi does his Ground Marketing. Traditional Ground Marketing and Face to Face are one of his top three forms of bringing in new patients.
Should you let your team know immediately your production and collection goals?
If you look young some patients want to challenge your credibility. How does Femi combat this?


Let me know what your takeaways are when you have finished listening to this episode and my question to you is:

Do you let your team know how much your practice is making?



Is your dental practice located near a coffee shop, apartments, schools, senior homes, corporations, small businesses, and in a growing or busy community.


Have you ever wondered or maybe you’ve asked yourself “If only I can get the employees from these businesses to come in…, or if only I can get their members, their customers, or the residents, to come to our practice…


You and I both know that would immediately bring in more new patients and drastically increase your production.


Well now you can learn the exact steps to do this.


Let’s chat and see how we can help you not only get into these businesses in your community … but how we can attract new patients from there immediately and consistently!

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