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What’s up everyone! How was everyone’s holidays and time off?! For you new listeners I am:


Host: Michael Arias

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I am SUPER excited to be back! I did take a small hiatus to create, plan, focus, and do some surfing/ hang out with friends and family …BUT… we are back in action!


In this episode we talk with our amazing and serial entrepreneur guest:

Guest: Dr. Russell Kirk

Practice Name: Tennessee Implant & Oral Surgery

Other Businesses: OwnR Magazine, Dental Learning Lab, The Business Side of Dentistry Podcast


This was such a great episode and something I feel we all need to listen to.. especially entering the new year. Here are some of the great topics we touch:

People have fear of failure… but have you heard “fear of success”? What is it and how can it effect you drastically?
What are the 3 main reasons Implant Patients (or patients in general) don’t accept treatment?
We learn Dr. Kirk’s scripts for closing cases.
We learn how Dr. Kirk is consistently attract 100+ new patients MONTHLY !
We learn how Dr. Kirk has built his team and how he delegates.
We learn how Dr. Kirk is using personal development to his advantage and how YOU (the reader/ listener) should too!


Let me know what your takeaways are when you have finished listening to this episode and my question to you is:

What is YOUR mission?



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