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In episode 126 we really discuss the ups and downs of Dr. Hardeek Patel and how not everything seems to be what it really is! What do I mean? Well tune in to find out!


Dr. Hardeek Patel is a true trooper! It wasn’t easy for him to transition from being a dentist in India to America, and it took him quite a while to adjust to the transition. Then he really grew sick and tired of corporate and decided to acquire a practice and from that point on he skyrocketed…. NOPE! He did not skyrocket from that point on… actually a lot of mistakes were made that we can all learn from!


What mistakes did Hardeek make? Tune in!


Dr. Patel corrected his mistakes in a unique way and was able to get out of a hole that many of us may find ourselves in! Then from that point on he SKYROCKETED! 

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