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What’s one of the best ways to advertise how great you and your team are, how great your work is, and how trusted you can become as the community’s dentist? Through reviews! People are constantly looking at reviews! Reviews for the best restaurant in town, reviews for a good hair stylist… so why wouldn’t they look at your reviews when searching for a dentist?


On episode 121, Bess Cincotta joins me and lays down some wonderful pointers and scripts on how to get more reviews, what to say to bad reviews, what reviews site works best, and more! We also talk about how your “About Us’ page should be set-up on your website and we dive into the type of marketing we want to see more of from dentists.


Thank you so much Bess for being a part of The Dental Marketer Podcast, you are a blast and thank you so much for the wonderful and extremely useful guides and downloads that you provided us! Feel free everyone to download the guides below:


Facebook’s New Review Policy Blog Post

Responding To A Bad Review Guide

A Guide On How to Ask For Reviews Guide

Creative Dental Marketing Ideas


Also, here is the Review Software from Dr. Nathan Ho:

Envision Stars Review Software


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