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Introducing the very first episode AFTER our 100 episode….


And to be honest I can’t be more excited to introduce you to my featured guest in episode 101! I was able to FINALLY talk and chat it up with him in Voices of Dentistry…. Dr. Paul Goodman AKA Nacho Man AKA Everything is Nachos AKA … ummm a dentist as well.


In this episode I am at Voices of Dentistry interviewing: Dr. Paul Goodman and he really shares with us some extremely valuable information that has been passed on to him and information that he has learned from personal experiences. We talk about his current production and collections, what he is doing to bring in new patients and how many new patients his practice is currently attracting as well.


We also cover a topic that is very interesting, Dr. Goodman calls it “The Amazoning of Dentistry”… listen up to see what he is talking about. We also discuss what to say to people/ customers who are always trying to get the cheapest prices in town and they happen to fall into your chair! 


We cover these subjects and so much more…


So go to your favorite Nacho joint, order your favorite nachos, put some headphones on, and listen up as you enjoy the nachos and this episode (;




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