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Insurance is probably a topic that will bore many of you out there, but if you’ve been through what I’ve personally experienced, you’ll probably be more attentive because insurance is important. And I can’t emphasize that enough. So in today’s episode of TBone Speaks, we have a two part episode where we’re going to discuss the five types of insurance and why you should consider having them for your health, personal, business, and even property. I hope this episode will help you make the right choice and the right attitude towards insurance and insurance agents. 

Key Takeaways You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • the several different types of life insurance and why it all boils down to two really simple types, permanent and term insurance.
  • the four members of your financial planning team
  • what policy is the best fit for you based on your age?
  • when should your insurance agent recommend to you a whole policy
  • everybody needs life insurance
  • for life insurance, re-evaluate every three to five years
  • health insurance is probably the number one expense that really puts people in financial trouble.
  • if you own your home right out you do not have to have a home insurance. Most people have home insurance because it’s required by the mortgage company
  • always check your mortgage statement to make sure you’re not put in this forced policy.

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