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On this week’s episode of T-Bone Speaks I talk to Dr. Brian Harris.

Brian is a Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix, AZ known for his ability to create beautiful looking smiles but it’s HOW he communicates with his patients that has everybody talking. His creation of the Smile Virtual Consult has allowed people thousands of miles away get answers to their dental questions for free in an open, honest and convenient way. He has assembled a team of qualified cosmetic dentists from around the world to make this happen. He believes that the key to success in business is simple: “Ask people what they want, and find a way to make it happen.”

We discussed:

  • How virtual consultations work
  • The many benefits of virtual consultations
  • The patient response to virtual consultations
  • What you need from patients and the virtual consultation process
  • The secret to success with virtual consultations
  • The Smile Virtual Consult training course for dentists

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