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On this week’s podcast episode of T-Bone Speaks, I discuss Oral Conscious Sedation and how it can help grow your practice with Dr. Brian McGue.

Brian is a general dentist in Chesterton, Indiana and specializes in providing all aspects of dentistry in a relaxed but informative environment. His practice is built on the constitution of ‘family,’ and this is fulfilled by treating each patient as a valuable member of an extended family. His practice provides a full range of dental services from simple teeth cleaning to root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, and implants. He always strives to give his patients “something to smile about,” and he certainly lives up to his outstanding reputation.

We discussed:

  • Growing your practice with conscious oral sedation
  • Safety measures and the importance of monitoring your patients throughout sedation
  • The difference between sleep dentistry and conscious sedation
  • The recommended dosage and medications used in dental sedation
  • How to safely reverse the effects of sedation medication
  • Brian McGue’s Oral Sedation Program course for dentists

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