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Ever heard this?

“Intelligence is your ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawkings

It’s as true in life as it is in your dental practice…

In fact, it’s the practices that don’t adapt to new “intelligent” technologies and methods that fade away.

But, by knowing what’s going on in your business (at a highly detailed level), you know where to focus your attention to get more patients (and revenue) to your practice.

Meet Curtis Marshall.

He and the Dental Intel team equip dental practices with the tools to adapt to change – and avoid fading away like many other practices who fail.

When you have a system behind you (like their “Intelligent Board”) smart enough to know where to double-down on your efforts, you can make informed decisions that multiply your time and money.

Want to see what your dental practice looks like under the hood? Get your own snapshot (completely free) courtesy of Dental Intel.
Click here or visit to access this now.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • How to become the number 1 dentist in a specific area your target market lives in
  • Why you should use a secret word (like Oklahoma) to keep those around you sane
  • What to look for to project your dental practice’s growth with exact precision
  • The real-life “crystal ball” (that any dentist can use and access) to know exactly how to be a better clinician
  • A huge-downside to technology in the dental field that’s greatly overlooked
  • How to find balance between being CEO, a good business person, and offering great patient services (without losing money and diminishing profits)
  • How to avoid getting charged thousands by consultants who “help” you find where you should focus in your business
  • Why reports are just like driving a car forward while looking in the rear-view mirror
  • The pitfall most dental practice owners fall into when you stop measuring every aspect of your business
  • The four main parts of a dental practice that you MUST understand


Free Episode Bonus:

If you wanted to see your dental practice on the “Intelligent Board”, you’d normally have to pay a sign up fee and sign up for Dental Intel’s service.

(which still completely worth it, in my opinion)

But Curtis made an offer I haven’t heard anywhere else to listeners of the show.

So to get a look at your business on the “Intelligent Board” with zero up-front cost or need to sign up, then here’s what you need to do:

Click here and let me know you’re interested.

You’ll get a response from me with directions for how to take advantage of this before they decide to stop.


  • “It’s difficult to track by hand everything that’s going on in your business.” – Chris Marshal
  • “Whats managed is improved. What is not measured is not improved.” – Jonathan VanHorn
  • “You can either change people… Or change people.” – John Meese



  • Dental Intel
  • 801-380-7070


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