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Remember that conversation we started a couple weeks ago about throwing each other under the bus? Well, why don’t we button that up a bit, eh?

This week we finish our talk about what to do when another dentist says your work sucks, and that your treatment isn’t up to the standard of care.

How would you react? What precautions would you take in the future? Have you ever suggested to a patient their dental work was sub-standard?

Welcome to The Snarky Dentists podcast, with Drs. Schultz and Scrivello. There’s a little snark in all of us, and we want to get it all out on the table, and talk about the frustrations of being a dentist and what it’s really like at the office.

Every week, we’ll bring you what’s happening in our neck of the woods, and we want you to call in and tell us your war stories too.

Today’s Mad Dentist Minute:

A little self-help spin on The Snarky Dentsits this week. Has the day gotten you down a bit?  I like to remember a couple talks from personal development speaker Jim Rohn. Specifically, the Seasons of Life and Think Like an Ant. If you haven’t heard him before, check out a couple YouTube videos of his talks. Here’s a great video:

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