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Episode 8 of this season of Shared Practices see’s George interviewing Paul Goodman. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Goodman has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years and shares his personal experience with retiring dentists in managing the expectations of their patients and team members during the transition process. He is the founder of Rising Dentists Study Club and Rittenhouse Consulting, LLC – both in Philadelphia.

In this episode George and Paul cover all the ins and outs of case acceptance for implant patients. They discuss everything from the benefits of having an in-house specialist and what we can learn from Korean dentist practices to Breaking patients down into demographics and avoiding negativity. Paul uses some very helpful analogies for understanding the subject as well, making it easy to digest. He goes in depth on the stigma around implants and the sometimes-counterintuitive attitudes of dentists but also covers some really practical solutions to real world problems. While chief dental resident during his general practice residency and hospital fellowship at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Paul received advanced training and also placed and restored 150 dental implants, making him the perfect guest to take us through the minutia of case acceptance in this context.


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:: Topic Time Codes ::


00:00  –  02:49   : Episode Intro

02:50  –  07:23   : Paul’s introduction to dentistry and early career.

07:24  –  11:31   : Deciding when to refer cases based on difficulty.

11:32  –  13:46   : The benefits of having an in-house specialist.

13:47  –  18:23   : How to effectively break down implant patients                                into demographics.

18:24  –   23:53   : Problems with fixed implants vs removable                                     implants for long term cases.

23:54  –  27:21    : Peri-implantitis and why you should avoid                                       negativity.

27:22  –  32:04    : Bridges or implants and managing patient                                       expectations.

32:05  – 34:43     : The stigma around implants and dental school                                 brainwashing.

34:44 – 36:38      :AD GAP

36:39  – 43:25     : George and Paul roleplay some techniques and                               key-words for implant case acceptance.

43:26 – 49:44      : What are the next steps after establishing                                       patient concern.

49:45  – 53:38      : Payment options and how to present them.

53:39 – 1:01:30    : Why this can help you and final thoughts.

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