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This week on Shared Practices our guest is Dr. Derek Williams, the guest of our most popular episode. Derek began a practice in East Texas straight out of school and took that practice previously collecting $570k per year, up to $1.3M, and would become a multi-practice owner and build a mini-DSO.  

In this episode Derek talks about some of the ways he refined his methodology in the early part of his career, and how he found his footing after his first acquisition. George asks him about the how what and when of employee policy implementation and the guys talk a lot about large unexpected treatment plans and how patients are likely to respond. With a focus on the early part of a dentists career, this episode is a great resource for young dentists just getting out of school who are trying to decide whether owning a practice or an associateship would be better for them.





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02:25 – 06:52   Being a young dentist and owning a practice, with                            a little about acquisitions.

06:53 – 08:29   What Derek attributes his growth to and seeing                                things from an owner’s perspective.

08:30 – 10:50   When is a good time to start implementing                                      employee policies.

10:51 – 15:49   Derek’s experience starting in a practice with a                               different culture to what he is used to.

15:50 – 18:01   When and how to bring up large treatment plans,                           unexpected by the patient.

18:02 – 20:35   Typical patient responses to unexpected large                                  treatment plans.

22:07 – 24:19   How long into an acquisition do you feel the                                    necessity to find new patients.

24:20 – 28:38   Selling yourself as a leader to your team.

30:52 – 32:24   utilising your hygienists and how your treatment                              plans change early in your career.

32:25 – 39:04   The benefits of starting your career in an                                        associateship and Growing clinically.

39:05 – 41:17   What’s the one thing that Derek does, that he                                  believes helps his case acceptance the most.

41:18 – 48:23   Discussing some of The Lifestyle Practice’s core                                concepts and the guys final thoughts.

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