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This week sees the return of Dr. Chris Salierno to the show. Chris lectures internationally on clinical dentistry and practice management and is currently the editor of Dental Economics. Magazine. While in dental school he was the national president of the American Student Dental Association.

Chris returns to the show to discuss all things case acceptance. Chris has implemented his own systems for case acceptance from the ground up, giving him a great perspective for the interview. We cover patient interaction, measuring results, how to open, avoiding pitfalls and practical examples as well. Chris even gives us some specifics on his own methodologies, applicable to many varied situations relating to case acceptance.




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01:23 – 02:16   Introducing Chris.

02:17 – 07:34   Why case acceptance is important and measuring                            success for growth.

07:35 – 11:59   Is there a clear way to quantify case acceptance                              beyond acceptance rates alone.

12:00 – 15:13   Measuring case acceptance through patient                                    interaction.

15:14 – 19:35   Chris’s opening methodology, complex vs simple                              cases.

19:36 – 22:22   interaction examples of Chris’s techniques.

22:23 – 24:57   How Chris manages his free consultancies.

24:58 – 25:55   Why creating space and time is important for case                          acceptance.

27:48 – 29:48   What steps can be taken in the interim after the                              consultancy and beyond.

29:49 – 35:06   Reading in between the lines when interacting with                          patients.

35:07 – 43:49   Tips for productive consultancies and some do’s                              and don’ts for communication.

43:50 – 48:51   Dealing with ‘no’ and avoiding manipulation.

48:52 – 53:10   How to approach patient anxiety.

53:11 – 58:33   Building systems for patient classification and how                          that can help case acceptance.

58:34 – end      Outro

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