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Welcome to back to the Shared Practices Podcast! This week we have Part 1 in a two-part series with Will Little. Will is the Co-Founder of Southern Dental Group and a listener of the podcast! He along with Hunter Smith started Southern Dental Group in 2015 with 2 practices and are now just about to close on their 10th. In this episode, Richard and Will discuss the chaos that can ensue leading up to the closing date of your newly acquired practice. Will breaks down the timeline for what you should do before, during, and after you find your ideal practice as well as avoiding potential issues during the “pre-practice agreement” phase. Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of the Shared Practices Podcast. Stay tuned for Pt. 2 next week!

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Dr. Little earned dual degrees in biology and chemistry from Arkansas State University. He then attended dental school at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.  

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