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In season 2 episode 36, George “G-money” interviews Dr. Drew Byrnes about his FFS experience. Dr. Byrnes graduated from UF in 2013 and now owns a FFS practice in a saturated market of Winter Park, FL. Dr. Byrnes talks about his early career of working in many different practices and searching for his own practice. Dr. Byrnes talks about a unique payment structure to get the deal done on his first FFS practice, tips on how he kept the practice successful during the transition, how he overcame staff and real estate issues, and his practice vision moving forward.

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Dr. Drew Byrnes is a family and cosmetic dentist and a Central Florida native. He was born in Winter Park, FL and grew up in Altamonte Springs. He is a proud alumnus of Bishop Moore Catholic High School. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida with a degree in Integrative Biology and then graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Dr. Byrnes believes in treating people the way that he would want to be treated.

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