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Scott Warner is a serial entrepreneur. His portfolio of success covers everything from tech start-ups to restaurants, from online blogging to film. He has a visceral passion for building companies that are innovative, profitable, and viral. A go-getter who never settles for less than the best, Scott has an uncanny ability to build teams who share his same vision.

As CEO of Gigg Inc, Scott’s endeavors are directed by a desire to help companies better understand and utilize the social media landscape while improving focus on business intelligence. Scott has had a life-long love for music and the entertainment industry. Gigg Inc was originally created to help open doors for aspiring artists through the company’s social media platform. Over time, he realized the Gigg feature set offered valuable solutions to businesses. While Scott is focused on providing Gigg’s platform to businesses, his passion for the arts remains in tact.

Through Gigg’s talent discovery medium “CONTENDR”, Scott continues to provide musicians a chance to be seen and heard on a global scale. Gigg was named a Top Ten Start-up at SXSW by ComplexTech in 2013. For eleven years Scott helped to build Pinnacle Security, a leading home security provider in North America with annual sales of over $150 million. He quickly becoming a top sales rep and top manager, and was appointed Vice President. Scott and his organization generated more than $150 million in sales during his time at Pinnacle. Scott has also been an angel investor for twelve businesses—from restaurants to health care products to savvy tech. Scott has always had an interest in discovering and building startups with true potential.

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