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Do you have MASSIVE amounts of DENTAL SCHOOL DEBT? Do you have a PASSION for providing dental care to UNDERSERVED and low-income populations? We do too. Over the past year we have all been overwhelmed at times on how much student debt we have. Recently we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ian Hoffman with He is passionate about improving access to health care and is also passionate about helping doctors qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Dr. Hoffman figured out that starting a CHARITY is the key to allowing dentists in private practice to qualify for a government program called Public Service Loan Forgiveness which will ERASE your loans 15 years FASTER than the income driven repayment plans! Enough said. Give this episode a listen and check out his webinar to learn how you can get started today. 

Here is the run down of today’s episode:

– Freaking out about STUDENT DEBT?

– Requirements for public service LOAN FORGIVENESS 

– MAKE AN IMPACT in your community ad build your business 

– For profit and non profit under the SAME ROOF

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