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Welcome to D.O.P.E. Lunch, the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist, with Shawn and Zach.

All those kids are making Shawn crazy! Zach gets a suite gift from a patient and is looking forward to a delicious K.C. Boss. Which would you rather have? The K.C. Boss or a green kale lemonade? There’s no contest, really.

This week we get into the nitty gritty of bleaching tray impressions. If you’re going to do in-office whitening, you may as well use the best system out there. We both agree that KöR Whitening is the best out there.

Using Zach’s way, we paint bleaching gel reservoirs with stone to make very accurate vacuum formed trays. Trimmed with scalloped edges using nail scissors.

If you thought it was labor intensive making bleaching trays the anaolog way, wait until you hear how it’s done digitally. It’s painful.

The upside is we save money on materials and disposables. With Shawn’s method, we convert full arch scans to models, then open those model files in another program to digitally add precise reservoirs. We still have to print the models and make the vacuum trays. 

See the entire workflow for digitally designed trays at

This week’s Mad Dentist Minute: task management – You can add tasks with subtasks and pictures. In Shawn’s office there are procedure tasks that employees can check off when everything is setup correctly with JPG images embedded right inside. Here’s an example of Shawn’s root canal setup and what instruments need to be out on the back counter.

Until next week… STAY DOPE!

DOPE Lunch is the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist. Join Shawn and Zach each week, serving up piping hot podcast episodes every Tuesday morning.

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