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Dr. Josh Turnbull is founder and CEO of Lydian Dental, a new aspirational brand of dental clinics with locations in Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX. Dr. Josh’s story began in 2008 where he was doing research both at the Mayo Clinic and with Dr. Gordon Christensen at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. This led him to pursue an MBA at Harvard after he completed his DMD at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. During these years, Dr. Josh realized that the dental industry was experiencing massive consolidation, but he was disenchanted by much of what he saw in the corporate dentistry world. He asked himself, “Why is there no Mayo Clinic of dentistry”? Thus, Lydian Dental was born. Lydian is out to make dentistry more affordable, convenient and fun. They like to call themselves the “anti-corporate” brand of dental clinics, with a focus on great design and user experience, which they were recently recognized for nationally in Wired Magazine. They currently have 3 Lydian branded clinics in operation and a mobile clinic which launched in Austin 3 months ago and is providing services to companies across the city. They are also developing a Membership that they feel could disrupt the traditional dental insurance model. Lydian is also committed to giving back. Through their Lydian Smiles initiative they provide pro bono services both locally and internationally.


Dr. Josh is also a proud father of 4 children and is married to the most wonderful woman on earth.


Lydian is expanding nationally and is looking for dentists to partner with. For more information, contact Dr. Josh at

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