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Rachel Hall graduated form Leeds University in 1992 and worked as a NHS dentist in the UK for 8 years where she honed her skills to be very time efficient and productive. Suffering from boredom, burnout and the cold weather Rachel moved to Australia in 2000 and in 2005 opened her own holistic dental office called Evolve Dental Healing. Rachel provides safe amalgam removal, mercury free dentistry and has a special interest in dental sleep medicine – TMJ and sleep apnoea. Rachel is also a practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies and likes to mediate and take care of her health and wellbeing. During her time in business Rachel has developed her skills as a dentist and a businesswoman and invested in coaches to support her growth and success. Now at age 48 Rachel has decided it is time to give back by becoming a business and life coach for dentists establishing Ascendancy Business Coaching for Dentists where she teaches dentists the processes and skills to master the ABCs of business for the dental office. Her coaching services, systems and insights into what it takes to make you and your dental office a success so you can live the life you want are highly sought after.


Rachel has won the Protrade Business Innovation Award 2016 and was nominated for Business of the Year 2016. This year sees her being nominated for The Outstanding Workplace and The Business of the year 2017 awards – which will be announced after this recording.


Rachel is a social media fanatic and a passionate industry leader who is a respected writer, presenter and speaker on the subjects of holistic dentistry and natural health. She is also a mother, dog lover and author as well as a driller of teeth. Dr Rachel is a self-confessed nerd and loves technology and is big on healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

She plays guitar, and likes singing and dancing – much to her families’ amusement. She is a joker, a wordsmith and an avid consumer of Vietnamese food. Loves warm sunny weather, walking, fast cars, trips to the beach, café culture and living in Brisbane.


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