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Debora Carrier is the founder and CEO of Twice as Nice Uniforms. Cofounder of The CPR Sisters, a practicing dental hygienist and fashion model. Debora has 38 years experience as a clinical dental hygienist. Her clinical settings range from large group practices to smaller offices, specializing in the care and treatment of adults with mild to severe disabilities.  


The CPR Sisters was co founded in 2001 by Debora and her sister Darla. They have worked hand in hand with the community to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest in children, the importance of early CPR, and the placement of AEDs in public areas. They also partnered with AHA, through a grant, to train as many lay people as possible in their community. And worked extensively with the Nader Parman Memorial Foundation to pass legislation to place at least one AED in all Georgia public schools.

In 2014 Debora developed and patented a temperature regulating, moisture wicking, antimicrobial uniform and founded Twice as Nice Uniforms.  In addition to her many years working as a dental hygienist she was also a high fashion model. She took her experience and love of fashion to NYC where she worked with and learned from industry experts about fabrics, fit, and manufacturing before setting out to create a new stylish, technologically advanced approach to medical and dental apparel.


Debora has been featured in RDH magazine, Dentistry Today, Dental Explorer, DentalIQ, Atlanta Best Self, and winner of Apparel Magazines Most Innovative Company of 2015. She is member of the Crest Smile Council, partnered with AACD, NCN, Mr RDH, Smiles at Sea and has participated in various podcasts, seminars, and fashion shows over the two past years. She has also partnered with Crest/Oral B and Atlanta Dental Supply to offer continuing education/fashion shows to the dental community. She is a member of ADHA, OSAP, NCN, and Launchpad. A percentage of Twice as Nice Uniforms sales go to support the National Cancer Network Foundation.

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