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Steve Bilt is the Chief Executive Officer at Smile Brands Inc. (SBI) and OneSmile, LLC.  He co-founded Smile Brands in 1998 and OneSmile in 2015 and in 2016 combined the two businesses.  Steve was integral in SBI’s three initial platform acquisitions and led the acquisitions of Monarch Dental Corporation in 2003 and Castle Dental Centers Inc. in 2004.  In addition to these transactions, Steve oversaw the development and operationalization of 150 de novo practices at Smile Brands and each of OneSmile platform acquisitions.  Steve also serves as Chairman of the Smiles for Everyone Foundation.


Smile Brands and OneSmile have 5,500 employees and affiliated providers in approximately 400 locations across the United States.  The Smiles for Everyone Foundation has established international outposts serving six countries in South America, Asia and Africa and conducts ongoing events throughout the United States.

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