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Dr Amstadt is the owner of Dr James Amstadt Consulting LLC and is very passionate about helping young dentists incorporate complex, comprehensive dentistry into their practice. He is especially focused on implant services both surgical and restorative. Dr Amstadt provides onsite teaching and coaching services and helps dentists with live implant surgeries.  In addition he is available on a monthly basis to treatment plan and troubleshoot cases as well as take calls on an emergency or urgent basis. In addition to his teaching services he has worked with many dentists to organize, present and market implant and complex dentistry to patients and help dentists build that side of their practice.


He has a tremendous background but he has uniquely started  and built a general dentistry practice which had 23 employees and 3 doctors by the year 2000 which he sold and then started an implant practice in 2001. He started with zero patients in 2001 and grew that practice to a 1.5 million dollar practice  working 120 days a year and sold that practice in 2015.


In the interest of full disclosure he is a Key Opinion Leader for Implant Direct and a paid speaker.

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