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Robert B. Goldenberg, D.D.S. is recognized for helping dentists become more successful, faster, easier and more profitably than they might be able to do on their own.


He understands from his own personal experience the difficulties in treating patients while managing a dental business at the same time


“Robbie”, as he prefers to be called, hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan and fled the frigid Midwest, landing in Arizona in the spring of 2005.


He has over 45 years of active clinical practice in all phases in the field of general dentistry. He also has broad based business experience as the managing partner for a large group dental practice as well as going it alone in his own practice start-up.


From a practice start-up, to marketing, to practice sales and transition he can be those extra set of eyes and ears than can help you cut right to the core of the issues and make your dental practice run more smoothly.


He has personally been “thru the fire” and learned the hard way what it takes to turn a common dental practice into a successful dental business.

His solo general practice was among the nations upper 1% and featured a low volume; high fee “no stress” environment.


Robbie attended the University of Michigan, majoring in philosophy, and earned his D.D.S. there in 1969.

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