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Dr Andrea Shepperson is one of New Zealand’s best known dental speakers. She has helped dentists and hygienists globally in the quest for clear, practical solutions to everyday problems. A wet fingered dentist herself, she understands the hearts and minds of dentists and their problems.


Dr Shepperson is an innovator, disrupter, teacher, futurist and leader. What sets her apart from the field of speakers is her ability to craft stories that showcase great clinical examples with practical solutions for everyday problems. She is relevant, engaging and inspiring – finding new ways to look at dentistry differently and giving dentists clinical confidence and logical pathways to try new things. Fascinated by ‘new’ she is at the forefront of dental knowledge. She has the ability to trigger light bulb moments in her presentations.


Dr Shepperson’s motivation comes from a desire to provide novel solutions that project life changing outcomes for dentists and patients. The founder of The Dental Fingerprint, and her commitment to the long view, has placed her as an innovator and authentic provider of care for patients from many walks of life. Those patients who value longevity, wellness and a true understanding of their needs seek her services; and those dentists who value empathy, authenticity and courage prize her view.

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