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Founder and President Alan Miller (Alan Miller Designed – AMD) launched Picasso in 2009 and forever changed the dental laser industry. Over the past five years Picasso laser technology has been loved, celebrated, and endorsed by clinicians, hygienists, universities, hospitals, dental clinics, and patients around the world. Picasso laser technology has won numerous industry awards, while Alan Miller and AMD LASERS have also been recognized by non-dental associations for innovation, design, technology, and company growth. AMD LASERS rapidly grew and became recognized as the industry leader in soft tissue laser technology. The Company was purchased by DENTSPLY in 2011, expanding its product distribution network around the world.


Miller expressed the company’s thoughts on this organizational change. “This is a great outcome for our customers and our company.In taking AMD LASERS private again, we can go back to our roots, focusing on the entrepreneurial spirit that made AMD LASERS one of the fastest growing and most successful companies in the dental laser industry,” he mentioned. “DENTSPLY is a fantastic company with some of the most talented people I have ever met.They did a great job converting AMD into a very sophisticated operating company and couldn’t thank them enough for furthering the interest in dental lasers,” Miller added.


Quality, value, and support set AMD LASERS and its product offering apart from the competition. This is a testament to the Company’s commitment to providing not only the best dental lasers but also the education, service and support that the dental profession rightfully demands and expects.


Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, Founder and CEO of Dentaltown, said the following regarding the continued viability of AMD LASERS, “Alan Miller in laser dentistry is like other high quality, low cost, genius pioneers from a variety of other industries that have launched products that we as consumers know and love. Alan figured out how to make an exceptional laser at an affordable price for every dentist. Alan is by far the coolest guy in dentistry and I can’t wait to see what he does next!”

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