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Dr. David Ahearn’s goal early on was simply to figure out a way to get more great dentistry done – without beating up his body or getting stressed out while doing it. 

To solve this, he studied the world’s most productive manufacturers. Applying those findings to dentistry, he was able to create new systems to improve every aspect of dental productivity. 

It wasn’t long before many of his colleagues began asking for help to solve their own design and productivity problems. This lead to equipment and training advances that allowed him to take his practice to the next level – and to help dentists across the country do the same. 

This work is further enhanced by day-to-day testing of new designs, technology and systems at Dr. Ahearn’s two thriving New England practices – which he continues to own and operate today. 

Dr. Ahearn has held faculty positions at both the University of Michigan and NYU, and was a founding member of the ADA’s Ergonomics Subcommittee. He is a frequent lecturer and contributor to numerous dental publications, including multiple chapters in the ADA’s current Practical Guide to Dental Office Design. 

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