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Dr. James McAnally is the founder of Big Case Marketing / Dental – Trust, a specialty dental advertising and sales consulting agency focusing on the advertising and sales of full arch implant / complex dental cases. Client members treat 1-2 full arch cases every week and are located throughout the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Big Case’s Full Arch® Program constitutes the largest network of independent implant practices advertising and focusing on one day treatment modalities for the full arch implant patient..  

Big Case’s Medicare Money Programtm is the largest advertising, billing/coding, and reimbursement network of implantologists. 

He and his consulting team have been helping generalists, implantologoists, and specialists with advanced surgery and restorative skills find and gain case acceptance on major implant cases for more than a decade. He’s personally been involved with clinical dentistry for 29 years, named a global leader in dental consulting for 10 consecutive years, and authored multiple books on advertising and sales processes in dentistry for complex case dental patients.   

His eLetter reaches more than 150,000 dentists worldwide every month.

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