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Corey Young joined Omni Practice Group in 2016 after a twenty year career as a general dentist and practice owner. In addition to his dental background, Corey has a Master’s in Business Administration, is a Certified Valuation Analyst, and is an Accredited Business Intermediary. Transitions in dentistry can be a complex process and Corey enjoys using his advanced training and personal experience to help his fellow colleagues navigate these sometimes turbulent waters.

Rod started Omni Practice Group in 2004 after a career in finance and accounting at AT&T Wireless. His background gave him the experience in a variety of areas including accounting, legal, negotiations, and real estate which translates perfectly into the broker world. Rod has also worked in consulting dental practices on how to grow your practice. Rod has written numerous articles that have been published in Huffington Post, Dental Economics, several state and local associations and hopefully soon, Dentaltown. Rod enjoys seeing a seller fulfill their dream of retiring and transferring their legacy to a young buyer who matches their philosophy and management style.

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