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Joe Strom was an Army bratt growing up in Germany and Washington DC.  He received a full ride scholarship to The Ohio State university and was commissioned as an Armor officer in the US Army upon graduation.  His training was primarily on the M1A1 Abrams Tank and spent 12 years in the US Army Reserves.  The first part of his civilian career was spent working in Sales and Sales Management in the bio-tech and Medical Device industry primarily working for Johnson and Johnson.  In 2004 a friend talked him into leaving the corporate treadmill and help build a technology SAAS company.  This is where he fell in love with technology and how it can help businesses be successful.  He was fortunate enough to see this company through an acquisition from its biggest competitor.  After a successful transition, he started acquiring rental properties and for a few years he built a successful real estate portfolio of multi-family units. He still had that bug for SAAS startups and in 2015 went to Weave as the VP of Sales.  Here is where he was introduced to the dental industry and cut his teeth so to speak.  Later that year he left Weave and drove carpool for 18 months.  It was then he realized that there was a huge need for information and there needed to be a way to provide this without making offices have big infrastructure changes.  Offices wanted a solution that gives them information when calls come in but want it to be easy.  That is when Callpop was born.

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