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Grace Jun is a mother of two kids and is married to a dentist. She started dental school at age 33 to escape the difficulties of raising kids. She remembers thinking while in dental school “I got to play while I was in dental school and my real job started when I got home”. Despite the challenges of immigrating to America in 1982 and learning a new language and culture, she struggled through her own mental blocks of being told: “she was stupid”. After many years of schooling with a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology/Behavioral Science, she was exposed to dentistry by her husband, who changed careers from engineering to dentistry also at age 33. Grace Jun graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2013 and since have opened a dental assisting school and her own practice, Grace Dentistry in Oklahoma City. She is an advocate for women who seek second chances in life and have since become an inspiration to other women who thought it was “too late” for a new career.

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