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Dr. Jonathan B. Levine is an esthetic prosthodontist practicing in New York City, Founder of two oral care companies GLO Science and Go Smile, and JBL New York City, Director of Advanced Aesthetics at NYU, international lecturer, author of the textbook, Smile Design, philanthropist, clinician entrepreneur, the Commencement Speaker at Boston University’s (BU) Goldman School in 2017, Chairman of the Board at (BU) Goldman School 2012-2015,  Advisory Board Member of BU Goldman School from 2016- Present, and recognized oral health expert currently holding 27 patents for innovations in oral care. His work focuses on oral health, the integration of esthetics and function, technological innovation and oral-systemic medicine. Dr. Levine is passionate about oral systemic medicine and the impact dental professionals have on patient health and well-being, and is committed to delivering that message to the public.


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