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Founded in 2004 by a fresh graduate from the College of Dentistry at the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Lance Schmidt. A glutton for punishment, Dr. Schmidt had actually just finished an extra year of study, completing the prestigious and highly selective Advanced Education of General Dentistry program, also at OU.


After consulting with an experienced dental practice transition attorney, dental CPA and dental practice consultant (with over 90 years experience in dentistry combined), he bought a practice at the age of 28. After highly overpaying for this practice, he then proceeded to work 7 days a week for the next three years – moonlighting at other clinics in addition to his 4 clinical days a week, at Reflections. He even mowed his own lawn and did the weekend cleaning during that time, just to keep his head above water.


Finally, after three years of abject misery, struggling just to make ends meet, he and his wife, Stephanie, who also worked at the clinic as the sole dental hygienist, were finally able to write themselves a paycheck.


He then proceeded to flip the traditional start-up model on its head. So usually a young dentist goes in to partner with a dentist nearing retirement, at their practice. In Dr. Schmidt’s case, he hired one to come work for him. In the process, he met a lot of his loyal patients and when the other dentist was ready to retire, Dr. Schmidt merged three practices into one and soon hired his first ever associate dentist.


After deciding to focus on growth and developing leaders within the office in 2012, the practice has grown 220%. They have a team of 18 people including three total dentists, three full-time hygienists, four dental assistants, a variety of admin personnel and even their own marketing director.


Also joining us today, in addition to and at the request of their Commander in Teeth, are some key members of the team. Joining us are both Associate Dentists, Dr. Kimberly Greenlee and Dr. Marie Bockus.


Dr. Bockus earned her doctorate from University of Oklahoma and is married with three young kids, speaking of which, she actually enjoys treating children and provides that service whenever possible at Reflections, thus extending the life expectancy of the other doctors by at least ten years.


Dr. Greenlee earned her undergrad at Texas Christian University but added her dental doctor initials also at the University of Oklahoma. Married with two boys, she’s practiced dentistry for over ten years and really enjoys a good root canal.

Also joining us today are: Executive Assistant Kensie, Hygiene Team Leader Nicole, Her partner in crime Betsy, Front Office Team Leader Lindsey, Acting Dental Assistant Team Leader Ebony, Current Call Take and Transferrer but future student at OU’s College of Dentistry Ali, and finally their in-house Marketing Director Chris Lam.

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