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Today’s guest, Doug Ottersberg, is a business and life strategist whose life mission is to be a difference maker for difference makers. After working side by side with his wife to build multiple businesses, Doug realized that he was struggling to bridge the gap between his desire to succeed for himself and his family and what he really wanted deep down inside. This realization led him to make the decision to invest in income-producing assets so he could pursue a life of design, rather than one of maintenance.

Now Doug consults with growth-minded companies, owners, presidents, entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and teams to help them bridge the gap from frustration to a better quality of life. His inspiring journey from feeling “stuck” to finding purpose and financial freedom not only helped him discover the key that eventually launched him over that gap, but also helped him uncover a talent he didn’t know he had to help others do the same. Listen in to hear the lessons he’s learned along the way.

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