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Dave Roehr

Dave RoehrThe CEO of Proceed Finance, Dave Roehr, joins this show today. Dave’s career began in tax planning with Grant Thornton. There he utilized his CPA and Masters of Taxation to contribute to the expansion and growth of their public accounting practice. He was then head hunted by one of their biggest clients, Cabela’s. For over a decade, Dave served as the CFO and president of Cabela’s while founding World’s Foremost Bank, a credit card bank utilized by Cabela’s to issue and manage VISA credit cards and consumer rewards programs.

Through Proceed Finance, Dave offers affordable patient financing that helps providers expand their patient base and drive repeat business. They do so by bridging the gap between the large cases dentists offer and the affordability of those services.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • What makes the shared risk model different
  • The FICO scores that correspond with provider fees of 3.9-14.9%
  • Funding cases of 25-60k in less than two minutes with the patient
  • How this service effects case acceptance- 40-70% of approved cases get accepted
  • The onboarding and in house training process


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