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Dr. Aaron NicholasWelcome back to part two with Dr. Aaron Nicholas. During this part of the interview, Dr. Nicholas puts me on the spot with some pointed questions about our time in the Dominican Republic. I really enjoyed my time on this mission trip. Bryce and I have already signed up to return next year because we got so much out of it. During this interview Dr. Nicholas helped me get even more out of the experience by forcing me to ponder on somethings I hadn’t thought
about before.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • Updates on the ‘scan van’ and getting the CBCT into action
  • Why so many parents want to bring their kids on mission trips in their early teens
  • Seeing a whole different side of my son in the Dominican Republic
  • The joys of giving people who have gone without teeth for decades a full new
    compliment of teeth
  • What it was about this trip that caused it to have such an effect on me


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