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105-BradBaleWelcome to another episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast. On today’s show Dr. Mark Costes takes a moment at the first annual Voices of Dentistry Summit to interview a few fellow speakers at the event.

Joining us on today’s episode are Dr. Tom Larkin, Dr. Bradley Bale and Dr. Jason Campbell. Dr. Larkin is the new clinical director of the Productive Dental Academy. He is a dentist, professor and an advocate for the independent practice of dentistry. Dr. Bale is an expert in keeping the arteries healthy and an author of the ground breaking book, “The Heart Attack Gene.” Dr. Campbell is a fellow practice owner in Prescott, AZ and focuses on complex care.

All of that and more on today’s episode of Dentalpreneur.

More about this show:

The group discusses periodontal disease and its connection to the most common cause of death in all developing countries: cardiovascular disease. Conventional medicine still focuses mainly on cholesterol and blood pressure as indicative factors of cardiovascular disease. The group discusses how important it is to make the connection between what is going on in the mouth and how that can directly influence arterial health. These can create issues without the presence of high blood pressure or cholesterol.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How common is periodontal disease
  • Where does all good health begin
  • What is a “cat in the gutter”
  • The role inflammation plays in cardiovascular disease

Special thanks to Dr. Tom Larkin, Dr. Bradley Bale, and Dr. Jason Campbell for sharing their knowledge on today’s show, and thanks to you for joining us as well. See you next time on Dentalpreneur.


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