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Dr. Naif Sinada, DMD, MS is our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast.  We sit down with Dr. Sinada and talked about how we are living in the Golden Age of Dentistry. How younger dentists coming out of school are being taught to use Digital methods and leaving the old “analog ways”, in the back burner. We learn how he adapted to a new Digital Workflow, which helped him become more efficient and lastly, Bob and Dr. Sinada go in-depth and compare digital and conventional impressions.

Things you will hear on this episode: -Why it’s important to learn both the old conventional impression method and the new Digital Impression System as a student. -Why Dr. Sinada decided to go Fully Digital in his practice. – How utilizing digital workflows can help you become more efficient in your dental practice. – Dr. Sinada explains why we are in the midst of the Golden Age of Dentistry by transitioning from analog methods to faster digital solutions.


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