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How do you get your money’s worth? How do you know? How do you analyze your Adwords market before even even starting? How do you track your data after the click? When do you turn off certain ads? We discuss all of this and more!


Podcast Highlights:

  • When adwords slow down
  • The “try this, try that” mentality
  • The knowledge lacked by the dental consumer
  • Geotargeting and inexpensive clicks
  • The surprising keywords that are searched for and how to find them
  • Adwords tracking with analytics
  • Measuring analytics after the click
  • Landing page design for conversions
  • Getting ghosted by web visitors
  • Call tracking
  • The importance of an analytics dashboard
  • What are you getting for your money?
  • Receiving wrong-number phone calls
  • Cutting off bad ads
  • Getting your market analyzed
  • Knowing when to do Adwords

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