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How do you continue to claim your local market? How is your competition promoting? What markets have opened up? How do these markets respond to dental advertising? We discuss all of this and more in part 3 of claiming your market.

  • Main competition
  • Recovering from the recession
  • How much did dentistry lose during the recession?
  • How did our clients beat the main dental market by 25%?
  • The market that opened up after the recession
  • What your competition will NOT be promoting
  • Budget allocation… again!
  • Being too busy
  • Fixing capacity for new patients 
  • Different business models for dentistry
  • The impact of marketing and non-marketing
  • DSO practice ownership
  • DSO practice scaling
  • Which half of the market are you marketing to?
  • How will these markets respond to different advertising
  • How to avoid alienating the top half of the market
  • Acquiring your competition
  • Competing with specialists

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